Kodlix N42-D

I received my Kodlix N42-D mini PC. It is a Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, with an Intel Apollo Lake N4200 processor. The feeds and speeds are documented at the Kodlix website. I had purchased a Kodlix Z83-V mini PC earlier. Both computers are very small with sufficient power to work as a home computer for web browsing and email and other light tasks.N42-D

The older Z83-V is small enough to mount on the back of a monitor using the VESA mounting bracket that came with the Z83-V.

Both computers are fanless and very quite. They support dual monitors using the HDMI port for one monitor and the VGA port for the other monitor.

The N42-D has a 4K display capability. There is a newer version of the Z83-V, the Z83-F with upgraded RAM and storage. The storage on the two computers described here is solid state. Unfortunately, Microsoft has increased the size of some updates for the Windows 10 operating system that exceed the amount of storage on the computers. The work around is to install a thumb drive to allow Windows Update to use the thumb drive for additional update space. You will have to manually perform the update in those cases where the Update size exceeds the available storage.

Support for the devices is provided through the Kodlix forums. The few support questions I asked were responded to quickly and there is sufficient information on the forums to assist in correcting problems. The Z83-V had an issue with the WiFi interface. There was a download to correct the issue and instructions on how to install the fix. The WiFi worked just fine after the update. I’m able to get the full 802.11n speed through both of the computers WiFi interface.